V Susan

V Susan is a woodworker and expert writer, with several years of experience in woodworking. She’s passionate about helping beginners in woodworking bring projects to life.

Susan loves creating beautiful and unique pieces of art from wood. Susan’s passion for woodworking began at a young age, watching her father craft beautiful pieces of furniture and decor from scratch. As she grew older, Susan became increasingly interested in the art and science of woodworking and began to explore different types of woodworking techniques and machines.


Susan has experience with woodworking and writing about woodworking for 10+ years. Today, Susan is the head of a team of skilled woodworkers at PineCarve working from our woodworking shop. She is experienced with a wide range of woodworking machines and techniques, and her skills are evident in the exceptional quality of her work.

In addition to her woodworking skills, Susan is also an entrepreneur and sells her custom woodworking projects.


Susan holds a bachelors degree in speech language pathology.

About PineCarve

PineCarve is a woodworking website dedicated to providing actionable tips and inspiration to help woodworkers of all levels improve their skills and build beautiful projects. PineCarve is run by a team of expert woodworkers working out of a dedicated woodworking shop and testing lab. Our goal is to help you achieve your woodworking objectives using easy-to-understand, practical guidance.